Make electronics recycling work for you!


Environmental Office Solutions of Colorado “EOS” provides reverse supply chain and IT asset disposition “ITAD” solutions for businesses and schools throughout the United States. Located in Loveland, Colorado, the business began as a collector, recycler and reseller of ink & toner cartridges, later expanding to high technology devices.

EOS maximizes the economic value and minimizes the environmental impact of the products it handles by reusing and reselling products and parts. Those items that are not reusable are recycled according to the highest quality environmental standards.

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Far from disposable.


Since 1996, Environmental Office Solutions has diverted millions of used print cartridges (and more recently used electronic devices), from becoming landfill waste by supplying these items for reuse in secondary markets. 




Ink and Toner

EOS collects used ink and toner cartridges from a variety of sources including the “Cartridges for Kids” (CFK) program,  businesses, and domestic brokers.  We then  grade and sort all cartridges based on condition and end market requirements.  With a global network of customers, the company resells the empty cartridges to cartridge fillers.


Cell Phones

Apple, android and more

EOS is one of the nation’s leading resellers of cell phones and handheld devices. Sourcing is done from a broad set of vendors including asset recovery programs, buyback programs, trade-in programs, and carriers. Products are then sorted, data secured, refurbished and sold to a diverse set of customers on a direct basis.


Laptops & Desktops


EOS specializes in the process of streamlining disposition of IT assets (like computers), while minimizing costs and maximizing value. Each device will be data sanitized as a first step, regardless of final destination.


Data Security

Privacy Guaranteed

Our customers have complete peace of mind know that data-containing devices sent to EOS are completely sanitized to NIST 800-88 and Department of Defense standards. EOS uses industry-leading software to ensure that these devices are completely sanitized before recovery, harvesting or remarketing.